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AI Beauty: Robot Manicures & Eyelash Extensions Lure New Customers

August 3, 2023 | By Kali Girl

The global market for AI in beauty and cosmetics is booming, already worth billions and projected to grow by 20 to 30% in the next five years, reports CBS News. Innovations such as A.I.-powered robots offering eyelash treatments and manicures are shaping the industry’s future.

San Francisco-based startup, Clockwork, led by CEO Renuka Apte, aims to revolutionize beauty services with its A.I. robots. The idea stemmed from Apte’s personal frustrations with salon appointments.

However, concerns about potential job losses in the beauty sector are now surfacing as technology advances.

“So we really want this to be like grabbing a cup of coffee, right? And that could be anywhere from, like, apartment complexes, to corporate offices, retail stores,” Apte said.

Nimble Beauty, a rising player in the A.I. beauty industry, is gaining momentum with its innovative home devices. These smart gadgets offer a remarkable four-coat manicure experience in just an hour, capturing the interest of more than 5,000 backers on Kickstarter.

The company’s focus on A.I. integration allows their machines to continuously improve and adapt, making the nail painting process precise and efficient.

According to CEO Omri Moran, A.I. is crucial for the robots to comprehend and perform tasks accurately, enabling them to surpass mere repetitive actions and unlock their full potential.

“It would be able to identify the specific nails that it has saved in the system versus understanding what a nail is and then figuring out, ‘Oh, I’m seeing a nail. This is the shape of this nail. This is the cuticle. That is where the A.I. comes into play,'” she said.

Luum’s groundbreaking A.I. beauty service features remarkable robotic arms delicately handling eyelash extensions, showcasing the cutting-edge implementation of A.I. in the beauty industry.

Co-founder Nate Harding emphasizes that the robots enhance human abilities instead of replacing them, acknowledging the intricate expertise required for such tasks. Safety remains a top priority with lightweight robot arms securely attached using magnets.

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