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Aaron Carter’s Family Demands Police Investigation into Claimed Drug Transaction

January 18, 2023 | By KGB Staff

As the cause of death for Aaron Carter remains unknown, those closest to him believe it may have been due to an overdose, reports The Daily Beast. According to TMZ, the late singer’s mother, Jane Carter, and fiancée Melanie Martin, were informed by the L.A. County Coroner’s Office that there was no fluid in Carter’s lungs, ruling out drowning as a possibility. The family is also pushing for an investigation into an alleged drug deal that may have occurred the night of his passing.

On November 5th, the 34-year-old artist was found unresponsive in the bathtub at his home in Lancaster, California, and initial reports stated that police had responded to a 911 call of a male drowned in a bathtub. However, as the investigation continues, sources close to the situation including Martin and Carter’s mother believe it may have been an overdose.

Martin, who currently holds possession of the phone, stumbled upon text messages between Carter and an unknown individual discussing a debt of $800 for a mysterious substance. Martin, concerned for Carter’s well-being, immediately shared the conversation with the authorities as evidence.

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The text exchange came to a halt when Carter questioned if he was being threatened. Martin also shared that in the messages, Carter expressed that he no longer had a need for the substance yet the unknown person insisted that the debt must be paid.

They are calling for a deeper investigation into the possible role that a mystery person he was communicating with may have played in his death. According to reports, police discovered prescription pill bottles and compressed air cans at Carter’s home, and his loved ones want to ensure that all possible causes are considered. Just one day before his death, Carter missed his final therapy session in rehab.”

The family is still awaiting toxicology results to confirm the cause of death.

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