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93-Year-Old Fights for Family Home Spanning Generations since Civil War

June 27, 2023 | By Kali Girl

According to the Daily Mail, a 93-year-old grandmother is embroiled in a legal dispute with a property developer, whom she believes is attempting to coerce her into selling her ancestral home, a property that has been in her family since the Civil War.

Josephine Wright, a native of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, is being sued by Bailey Point Investment Group for allegedly encroaching on their land and impeding their progress in developing a 147-unit complex adjacent to her property.

Despite receiving offers from the developers to purchase her land, Wright declined, triggering a series of troubling incidents aimed at pressuring her. These actions reportedly included vandalizing her vehicle, trespassing on her property, and even displaying a snake outside her window.

“I guess they figured I would become so unnerved with the harassment that I would say take it. But they don’t know me. I am here to fight for what I have,” said Wright.

The property has been in Wright’s family since just after the Civil War.

Wright’s husband hailed from the Gullah Geechee community, comprising descendants of liberated slaves aided by Union soldiers. Bailey Point, on the other hand, contends their rightful ownership of a portion of the land encompassing both Wright’s property and even her porch.

However, Wright and her neighbors assert that her property is, in fact, positioned a considerable 22 feet distant from the Bailey Point boundary.

“I don’t want to say anything that can be used against me, but I think they are unscrupulous and greedy and they want all the property they can get their hands on,” said Wright. “I want to just keep my property and them to leave me alone.”

Wright is represented by attorney Roberts Vaux from Bluffton to contest the case. Former state legislator Bakari Sellers and the NAACP have also offered their support to her cause.

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