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11,000 L.A. Workers to Strike, Aiming to ‘Shut Down’ City

August 8, 2023 | By Kali Girl

Thousands of City of Los Angeles workers are set to join hotel employees, Hollywood actors, and TV and movie writers in a massive strike planned for Tuesday, reports Yahoo.

With over 11,000 city employees participating, including sanitation workers, Los Angeles International Airport employees, and street services, the strike could paralyze municipal operations for 24 hours.

The SEIU Local 721, representing more than 98,000 county and city workers in Southern California, is spearheading this organized labor activity, adding to the growing flurry of strikes across the city and the nation.

“We’re going to shut down the city of Los Angeles,” said David Green, SEIU Local 721 executive director and president. “The message we’re sending is that our workers are just fed up. They’ve reached a breaking point. And we need these folks in the city to come back to the table for the good of the city.”

Hollywood experienced a double strike as actors and writers jointly halted operations, causing significant disruptions. A total of 170,000 actors and 12,500 writers took to the picket lines, resulting in the industry’s shutdown last month.

Simultaneously, in Los Angeles, thousands of hotel employees, including housekeepers, receptionists, and cooks, staged a three-day strike in early July, demanding better wages and benefits.

The strike follows accusations of “bad faith bargaining” by city administrators. Green expressed concerns about the city’s failure to address crucial issues such as workers’ resources and significant vacancies in key roles.

“Sanitation alone has over 900 vacancies,” Green said. “Unfortunately, some of the people that work in City Hall are these out-of-touch administrators… And we’ve been sounding the alarm for years. So we’re saying, come back to the table.”

Local 721 will witness its first major strike in over four decades, reflecting the growing wave of labor unrest sweeping across different industries.

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